NCIP Chief: E-CLIP improves welfare of former rebel IPs
March 26, 2022



EVERYONE HAS A STAKE IN PEACE. Secretary Allen Capuyan, Chairperson of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, commends the E-CLIP for the projects and resources for IPs communities. (Photo courtesy: NCIP website)


National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Secretary Allen Capuyan expressed his gladness that the former rebels (FRs) who belong to the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) communities are now being provided with the resources that they require for a decent living. Secretary Capuyan credits this to the projects under Task Force Balik-Loob’s (TFBL) Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP), which the FR-IPs have availed after they have returned to society.

According to Secretary Capuyan, many IPs spent years being away from their families after they were recruited by the New People’s Army. Now, they have reconciled with their loved ones and communities. They are enjoying new lives with better living conditions and a source of income after receiving housing, livelihood assistance, cash, training and other benefits under E-CLIP.

The sincerity of TFBL in welcoming the FR-IPs to the fold of the law, according to Secretary Capuyan, was proven by TFBL’s taking into consideration the situation and requirements of the IPs in processing their benefits under E-CLIP.

“Peace is something that would allow a person to do freely the things that he wants to do. There is freedom. And peace is something that belongs to the individuals and communities," said Secretary Capuyan. "Lahat tayo ay may taya sa kapayapaan."

Calling on all Filipinos to support the FR-IPs in their reintegration into their communities, Secretary Capuyan explained that the IPs would need continuous support to be able to recover and return to their normal lives. “The IPs represent our past and our culture. They have suffered for a long time because of the lies and deceit of the CPP-NPA-NDF. Thus, they need help to be able to heal, go back to mainstream society, and live peacefully,” he said.

On the part of the TFBL, its Chairperson, Undersecretary Reynaldo B. Mapagu, observed that IPs live a simple life and strive to protect their families and communities. Thus, he is happy that E-CLIP helped the FR-IPs be reunited with their families and are now living as law-abiding citizens of their communities. In achieving this, he expressed his gratitude to our Commander-in-Chief, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the NCIP, and the other government agencies and institutions who are supporting the thousands of former rebels being assisted by the Task Force under the E-CLIP’s reintegration process.


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